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Countertop Point-of-Sale Terminals

Pivotal Payments offers faster deployment, less costly integration and improved reporting and reconciliation. Purchase, lease or rent to own your point of sale device today.

Ingenico iCT250 – Counter Top Dial and IP connectivity

A next generation point-of-sale terminal featuring the latest technology, security and a sleek design; making it the most powerful stand-alone payment solution available today.

  • PCI PTS V3.0 Security
    The iCT250 supports the latest PCI and data security standards to protect cardholder data
  • EMV, Magnetic Stripe, Contactless 
    Features an intuitive display, magnetic stripe reader, EMV card-entry slot, and integrated contactless reader
  • Intuitive color display
    Designed with clerk-customer interaction in mind, it features a bright color display, backlit keypad and menu-driven prompts to make PIN entry and option selection virtually effortless
  • Dial up, Ethernet
    A versatile terminal allowing merchants to switch between dial up and Ethernet depending on their needs.


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